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Georgian Mandolin Sonatas (Frances Taylor)

By | Published on Tuesday 16 August 2011

With all the fantastic chaos of the Festival going on across the capital, sometimes it’s nice to escape it all for a while. So, how about some mandolin sonatas from the Baroque period performed by a woman whose dedication to her art took her to Italy for authentic mandolin lessons? Accompanied by a harpsichord player and cellist from the Scottish Chamber Orchestra, Taylor not only performs pieces from some of the most famous mandolin composers of the 18th century, she also discusses the history of the instrument itself. It’s great to see the mandolin still going strong and it is quite a pity that Taylor was only performing at the Festival for one day.

St Celia’s Hall, 6 Aug, 4.00pm (5.00pm), £8.00 – £10.00, fpp206.
tw rating 4/5