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Eli Paperboy Reed (Edge Festival)

By | Published on Thursday 11 August 2011

Eli Paperboy Reed takes to the stage at The Liquid Room and the audience wonders, “is this it”? To be honest – so do I. Is this five foot white man the soul singer they have heard so much about? Then Eli opens his mouth and with a shotgun-scream to rival James Brown, sweeps the room’s collective doubt away. Backed up by a staggeringly tight band and backing singers, Eli prances around the stage, running through soul classics and whipping the audience and himself into a frenzy. He’s a phenomenal performer, displaying skill, an amazing voice and the best backing band I’ve seen in years. My advice is don’t let first impressions fool you; Eli Paperboy Reed is well worth watching.

The Liquid Room, 4 Aug, 7.00pm (10.15pm), £12.50.
tw rating 4/5