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Bossa Novas (Rozina Pátkai and Mátyás Tóth Duo)

By | Published on Tuesday 16 August 2011

A Hungarian Duo playing Latin American music in a Scottish basement: it shouldn’t work so well, but Pátkai and Tóth take the simple Bossa and fill it with warmth, melancholy and effortless charm. Singer Rozina is charismatic and emotive in several languages, while Mátyás lets his guitar speak for him. Despite the mandatory flurrying notes, he’s intensely expressive, though you’re waiting for him to play an extended solo which never comes. Their set covers all the standards, including the obligatory ‘Girl From Ipanema’ – a painfully overplayed track given sultry treatment. Selected swing numbers break up the Bossa, lifting the set before it sinks from laid-back to siesta. Chill-outs are rarely this absorbing.

The Jazz Bar, 7, 9 Aug, 4.00pm (5.00pm), £4.00, fpp197.
tw rating 4/5