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Barb Jungr Sings Bob Dylan (Barb Jungr)

By | Published on Wednesday 31 August 2011

The mystery and mythology surrounding Bob Dylan means his work can be constantly reinterpreted. Despite the fact that he has been parodied, copied and covered so many times, Barb Jungr’s interpretation of his work is absolutely enthralling. She brings a fresh perspective to the heartache in Dylan’s anti-love songs while a new triumph is injected into his gospel work. Between songs, her riffs on the potential meaning behind the songs are clever and funny while still stressing the ambiguity inherent in his work. With just a piano as accompaniment, Jungr’s voice soars and the room hangs on her every breath, inflection and expression. I was enraptured with Jungr and I fell in love with Dylan all over again.

The Queen’s Hall, 19 Aug, 10.00pm (11.15pm), £14.00 – £16.00, fpp195.
tw rating 5/5