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The List Operators: Kids and compooters

By | Published on Friday 19 August 2011

List Operators

Matt Kelly and Richard Higgins are also known as The List Operators, and took the kids’ section by storm last year with their debut Edinburgh show.
They’re back for another year, they’re entertaining, and they found favour with our reviewer. So why not ask them a few questions on behalf of our readers? Here are their succinct answers…

CM: Was last year the first time you ever came to the Festival?
MK & RH: Actually no it wasn’t.  We did our first ever gig as The List Operators at the Bongo Club at 1.50am in 2008. It was a 10 minute spot. Scariest 10 minutes of our lives.

CM: What made you come back?
MK & RH: Every year we come back to try and get tickets to see the Tattoo but always miss out. This year we just decided to get tattoos of the tattoo instead.

CM: How do you go about creating your children’s shows?
MK & RH: We wrote a list of things that are in most kids shows e.g. loads of good moral lessons, education, pirates and fairy princesses – threw it out the window and stuffed our show full of vomit, poo, farts, rude words, blood and guts. You know, stuff kids actually laugh at.

CM: What do you think makes a good children’s show?  
MK & RH: Something that is constantly changing, has heaps of audience involvement and severed body parts. We always find good ways to combine the last two.

CM: What is this year’s show about?  
MK & RH: Our show this year is about Compooters.  Apparently kids know a lot about them.

CM: What do you like about Edinburgh? Will you be seeing other shows?  
MK & RH: Richard enjoys the vibrancy of a city that opens its doors to the best artists in the world and gives them a forum to create, explore, and evolve ideas.  Matt enjoys being flyered and eating at Baguette Express. As for seeing other shows – Yes!  Suitcase Royal, Slow Clap, New Art Club, sooo many amazing shows!

Matt and Richard’s show ‘List Operators For Kids Do Computers’ was performed at The Pleasance Courtyard during Fringe 2011.