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Thomas Houseago The Beat Of The Show (Inverleith House)

By | Published on Tuesday 9 August 2011

If the noise and haste of the Royal Mile is getting to you already, I urge you to visit Thomas Houseago’s exhibition at the Royal Botanic Gardens. Though huge, metallic and rough around the edges, Houseago’s shining collection subtly blends into its leafy background; the piece entitled ‘Reclining Figure’, placed near a viewpoint of the whole city, echoes Arthur’s Seat’s curves, while the totemic ‘Rattlesnake Figure’ has wood grain etched into its aluminium surface, letting it merge with the surrounding trees. It’s a little far-flung, and the pieces are easy to miss if you’re not looking, or can’t read maps. That said, if you find yourself with a sunny day and a compass handy, let Houseago draw you off the beaten path.

Royal Botanic Garden – Inverleith House, 1 Aug – 4 Sep, 10:00am (5:45pm), free, fpp191.
tw rating 3/5