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Left To My Own Devices (New Media Scotland)

By | Published on Saturday 27 August 2011

Inspace, with its futuristic technologies and all-knowing staff, is much like the Apple store. Not your typical gallery, the silence is broken by frenetic irregular melodies, the works are more like inventions, and interaction is actively encouraged. Whilst conventionally un-artistic, the works displayed do rely on visual or audible immediacy for effect. Sachiko Kodama’s abstract reaction of ferrofluids to magnetic fields is entrancing, whilst Toshio Owai’s electronic musical grid marries sound with image, creating a reverberating DIY soundscape. The exhibition is eclectic, giving a disparate (but probably intentionally so) account of the ambiguously named ‘device art’. If it leaves you perplexed, then the massage chairs (representing the history of privatisation, by the way) are good for killing 15 minutes.

Inspace, 4 Aug – 4 Sep (Wed – Sun), 12.00pm (8.00pm), free.
tw rating 3/5