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Found In The Fields: Lithographs And Linocuts (By Carry Akroyd With Poems By John Clare)

By | Published on Sunday 28 August 2011

Housed in the delightful Botanic Gardens, this small exhibition displays printmaker Akroyd’s bold black and white linocut illustrations for “The Shepherd’s Calendar” by nineteenth century poet John Clare. Clare’s poems explore the countryside and the unavoidable onslaught of change, and to sensitively reflect this Akroyd has produced simple bucolic scenes for each month, catching the constant motion and dynamisicm that characterises the natural world. In contrast, the second half of the exhibition shows a selection of Akroyd’ s lithographs set to individual Clare poems. Bursting with colour and energy, these prints are a little over complex in places, but provide a delightful, almost naïve match to Clare’s rough Northamptonshire dialect. Tag this onto your trip to the Gardens.

Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh, 1 Aug  –  4 Sept, 10.00am (6.00pm), free, fpp189.
tw rating 4/5