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An Ancient Thread – 7,000 Years Of Anatolian Kilims (The Nomads Tent)

By | Published on Sunday 28 August 2011

To say that looking at a kilim is like eating a sweet will probably go over most peoples’ heads, although I’m sure that people from Konya will be nodding in agreement. This collection of 40 recently commissioned miniature Turkish rugs, fondly nicknamed ‘tatlı’ (meaning ‘sweet’), are perhaps more instantly comparable to Persian carpets or wall paintings. Carefully hand-woven with vegetable-dyed wool, each kilim has its own striking and symbolic geometric design inspired by the ancient artefacts of Catalhöyük: the most common motifs range from ‘bereket’ (a ram-horn pattern representing fertility) to ‘nazarlık’ (an amulet that wards off evil spirits). Although the exhibition only considers either end of the kilim’s 7,000 year lifespan, it offers an informative and visually mouth-watering experience.

The Nomad’s Tent, 4 Aug – 5 Sep, 10.00am (5.00pm), free, fpp188.
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