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Wine In The City Wine School

By | Published on Sunday 21 August 2011

I like my glass of wine, but I don’t know much about what a good one should taste like. ‘Wine In The City’ was a perfect introduction to wine appreciation on a level above “Ooh this is nice, glug, glug, glug”. The tasting took place in the Old Council Chambers, a beautiful room haunted by the aura of stuffy old dignitaries slurping soup in silence. Margaret the wine expert, introducing us to six South American wines, was a great mix of school teacher and chatty aunt, making her vast knowledge on the subject less daunting. The group were quiet at first, but as we gulped the fourth glass of gorgeous wine, we became noticeably more gregarious. An educating – and inebriating – hour indeed!

Edinburgh City Chambers, dates and times vary, £20.00, fpp187.
tw rating 4/5