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City Of The Dead (Black Hart Entertainment)

By | Published on Sunday 28 August 2011

Have you heard the one about Bloody MacKenzie? I am now well-versed in the wicked deeds this man committed. Under cover of a (thankfully dry) Edinburgh night, we traversed around Greyfriars Kirkyard, learning fascinating and grisly facts about the city, Scotland, and our tour guide Gerry’s loathing for that famous Skye terrier on the way. Crammed with drama and gruesome facts, the tour was chilling, gripping, and extremely interesting. Until, that is, the talk turned to ghosties and ghoulies, and what to do if one attacks you. I was cynical, but found myself covered in goosebumps, and more than a bit jumpy on the walk home. Not for the faint of heart. A thoroughly spooky night out.

Large Black Sign Outside St. Giles’ Cathedral, dates vary, 9.30pm (10.45pm), £7.50 – £9.50, fpp181.
tw rating 4/5