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Wil Hodgson

By | Published on Sunday 14 August 2011

After spending an hour with the disjointed ramblings of a self-proclaimed “retired skinhead”, one knows that the Fringe has most definitely begun. Wil Hodgson’s stand-up is best described as the quirky autobiographical prattle of a quintessential Brit, dotted with somewhat outlandish witticisms and zany analyses of 1980s girl playthings. His silly musings are entertaining and result in chuckles from the audience, but his speedy monotonous delivery and thick English accent at times make his act difficult to follow, and thus the comedic flow is interrupted. Additionally, most of Hodgson’s jokes are saturated in British culture, both recent and decades old, which alienates those audience members of different national descent and severely limits his comedic potential.

The Stand Comedy Club III & IV, 4 – 28 Aug (not 15), 15.35 (16.35), £7.00 – £8.00, fpp165.
tw rating 2/5