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We Love Comedy (PHB’s Free Fringe / Sean Brightman Ltd)

By | Published on Tuesday 16 August 2011

‘Sin’ on the Cowgate has been many things in its days. Wilkie House, Faith – all manner of filthy nightclubs. In the ‘Sin’ guise, it is host to London’s self-proclaimed “loveliest comedy night” – ‘We Love Comedy’. On the miserably sweaty, rainy Sunday night we went, Sean Brightman’s line up included both the lovely and the filthy; BBC critic Kate Smurthwaite, being the loveliest and maybe a little filthy, and outrageously flirtatious stripe lover Matt Richardson being the filthiest – and definitely a little bit lovely. Wedged in between the two were Eric, Jim Campbell, and Phil Higgins, with the latter perplexing the crowd of 80 with surreal snooker gags. Beer is £2.50. Entry is free. The line up changes daily. Lovely.

Sin Club and Lounge, 6 – 27 Aug, 5.30pm (6.30pm) free, fpp164.
tw rating 4/5