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Tony Bournemouth: Bournemouth’s All Time Second Greatest Comedian

By | Published on Thursday 11 August 2011

The Festival may have just started but it still must be disheartening to travel such a way just to have two people attend your first show. Despite this, brave Tony Bournemouth takes to the stage with as much confidence as if he were greeting the crowd of a packed Hammersmith Apollo. His love for cheesy puns would almost be cringeworthy were it not for his loveable grandad-like charm. He just about pulls off gags such as, “I got these new snake-skin shoes made from Boa constrictor – my feet are killing me,” while getting himself into all sorts of bother with his microphone wire, mic stand, jacket, and pretty much anything he touches. An adorable performance, if a little odd.

Laughing Horse @ The Hive, 4 – 28 Aug, 4.30pm (5.00pm), free, fpp161.
tw rating 3/5