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The Seven Deadly Sings (Remastered) – Free (Ashley Frieze)d

By | Published on Tuesday 30 August 2011

This informative and funny hour of musical comedy never quite fulfils its potential. The first song sung by Ashley Frieze as an introduction to the world of musical comedy is in fact the show’s highlight. Those of us looking forward to an hour of similar songs with clever lyrics and upbeat melodies were disappointed. Instead, Frieze took us on a step-by-step guide to how all songs fit into seven predictable categories. While his musical talent was evident from the outset, his comic stylings left a lot to be desired. Instead of focusing on trying to amuse with one-liners and groan-worthy jokes, he should have concentrated on writing more of the longer songs, which showed tangible glimmers of potential.

Laughing Horse at Espionage, 13 – 28 Aug, 2.30pm (3.30pm), free, fpp149.
tw rating 3/5