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The Man Who Was Nearly There – Free (Dan Cardwell / Free Festival)

By | Published on Tuesday 16 August 2011

Being fat and sad does not automatically make you a comedian; Dan Cardwell would do well to remember this. He alludes to the fact that his show is more of a pitiful therapy session than comedy, apparently failing to realise that admitting that your jokes are not funny does not in turn make them funny. His bizarre inclusion of video clips of him playing himself in old age do not add humour and are just odd; odd and irritating. There are pity laughs from the audience, however, and there are some genuine laughs, too: his amusing improvisations when he has lost his place show that there is actually talent in there somewhere. Unfortunately, Cardwell needs to write better comedy of the scripted variety.

Laughing Horse at The Three Sisters, 4 – 28 Aug, 1.45pm (2.45pm), free non-ticketed, fpp 112.
tw rating 1/5