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The Inflatables – Free (The Inflatables)

By | Published on Friday 19 August 2011

It is very difficult to pull off improvised comedy. You have to be exceptionally funny to be able to produce a compelling show on the spot, purely based on words the audience are shouting out at you. If you are not exceptionally funny, the resulting performance does not feel like a show at all. It feels like watching a Saturday morning drama group going through their warm-up games. ‘The Inflatables’ were very enthusiastic and clearly having great fun up there, talking in funny accents and saying silly things. Unfortunately the pleasure that they got from making up nonsense did not translate into an equally entertaining experience for the audience. This was a delightful show – but only for those in it.

Ryan’s Cellar Bar, 6 – 27 Aug (not 7, 14, 21), 5.00pm (6.00pm), free, fpp92.
tw rating 2/5