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The Horne Section (The Invisible Dot Ltd)

By | Published on Tuesday 16 August 2011

Full nudity, hula-hoops and an OAP in a wheelbarrow: Alex Horne was right when he said his audience would get a little bit of everything. To be honest, as the fearfully loud music and harsh strobe lights danced around the room, I feared what the next hour and twenty minutes would hold. Thankfully the show works, and this charming would-be gameshow host, with his loyal band, makes for excellent entertainment. And, of course, there are guests. The most amusing moments were supposedly improvised; and Josie Long’s earnest guffaws added delightful silliness. On the other hand, David O’Doherty began hilariously but lost my attention with some punchline-free blethering. Nonetheless, this does better than most music/comedy combo shows, while Horne’s band packs more punch than the genre-reigning ‘Four Poofs And A Piano’.

Assembly George Square, 3 – 27 Aug, 11.00pm (12.20pm), £10.00 – £14.00, fpp88.
tw rating 4/5