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The Durham Revue’s 33rd Annual Surprise Party! (The Durham Revue)

By | Published on Sunday 14 August 2011

Durham Revue’s amusing lunchtime offering is an enjoyable hors d’oeuvre for anybody with a long but exciting day of comedy-viewing ahead of them. The troupe’s gritty, macabre sketches are tremendously entertaining; one skit about a serial killer mistakenly applying for a job in executive head-hunting elicits paroxysms of laughter, while another concerning the difficulty of performing Japanese ritual-suicide borders on the sublime. Unfortunately, the Revue’s gentler, more whimsical material often fizzles out before the final punchline, and intriguing ideas are not always developed to their funniest potential. This surprise party was not the most memorable I have ever attended, but I still left with a hearty smile on my face and a merry spring in my step.

Underbelly, 4 – 28 Aug (not 15), 12.20pm (1.20pm), £7.50 – £9.50, fpp69.
tw rating: 3/5