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The Comedy Reserve (Pleasance)

By | Published on Thursday 25 August 2011

I’m a sympathiser by nature; when someone in front of me does something awkwardly, I cringe, mortified on their behalf. I’m sorry to say that cringe I did, more than once, at ‘The Comedy Reserve’. The jokes, for the most part, were passable. A reliance on sexual puns by Luke Benson was unfortunately predictable. The final act, Julian Dean, offered a welcome change of pace and tone with his confident and casual delivery. However, stealing the show was the MC, Joe Lycett. His anecdotal comedy, combined with a wonderful, almost confiding, manner, had us revved up for comedy that didn’t quite live up to the high standard set by his introductions. A pity.

Pleasance Dome, 3 – 29 Aug (not 15, 22), 9.30pm (10.30pm), £6.50 – £9.00, fpp62.
tw rating 3/5