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The Bob Blackman Appreciation Society (Johnny Sorrow and Sir Richard Swan / PBH’s Free Fringe)

By | Published on Wednesday 31 August 2011

‘The Bob Blackman Appreciation Society’ is one of the most bizarre sketch shows and variety comedy performances out there. It’s devoted to the one-note performer Bob Blackman, who gained fame from repeatedly hitting himself over the head with a dinner tray. One of the main themes takes on a grumpy-old-man tune, pointing out past and present differences, whilst other sketches involve pet shops, and we encounter a laryngitis-suffering Little Johnny, the dummy. The two-possibly three-man cast – if you count the techie – put together an amusing and lightly entertaining show. A love of slapstick humour and dry in-your-face puns is essential; however, any gaps in comedy preference are occupied with energy and enthusiasm.

Southsider, 22 – 27 Aug, 12.55pm (1.55pm), free, fpp50.
tw rating 3/5