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The Bitch Doctors

By | Published on Friday 12 August 2011

If you are suffering a sprained ankle, broken heart, or even symptoms of Festival fatigue, the Bitch Doctors are worth a visit. In an interactive show of this kind, a lively audience – as present in this case – proves a necessity, as they are required to share their ailments, and are rewarded by the doctor’s ‘bitchy’ advice in the form of banter and song. Despite the title, however, our hosts did not prove as ‘bitchy’ as expected: they were mostly laughing with the audience rather than at them. Though the humour in the music routines can be somewhat repetitive at times, the hosts give a notable performance and provide an overall entertaining way to spend the hour.

The Voodoo Rooms, 3 – 28 Aug (not 8, 15, 22), 5.30pm (6.30pm), £10.00, fpp8.
tw rating 3/5