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Super Crazy Fun Fun (Laughing Horse Free Festival)

By | Published on Friday 12 August 2011

There may be a script somewhere, but it doesn’t seem to be important. Bafflingly funny, Adam Belbin and Padraig Ryan are by turns a pair of squabbling brothers and two cartoon faces telling us stories about their lives. Thrown in for good measure are numerous multicoloured drawings, a fourteen-inch wand and a joke involving the giddily phrased “voiced bilabial plosive”. Though rambling at times, they never lose their way for long, and work well both as a double-act and when having alone-time with the audience. The show’s apparent lack of preparation is completely overshadowed by the performers’ outright confidence on stage and in front of a crowd, of which they both deserve a lot more.

Laughing Horse at Three Sisters, 4 – 28 Aug, 3.35pm (4.35pm), free, fpp156.
tw rating 4/5