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Spank! (James Wren, Leon Fluery / Corrie McGuire For Objective Talent Management)

By | Published on Saturday 27 August 2011

Full of energy, the skilled compères control the drink filled audience with simple jokes and the promise of nudity, and quickly hand over to the acts. This weighs in at three hours duration, and the audience are ready for the long haul. There are seven acts, and of those, of particular note was Rachel Stubbins: her material wasn’t especially new, but her slow, faux dim-witted delivery made it seem fresh. Full of confidence and swagger, she ended with a great intrusion routine, and she was carried off stage having been knocked unconscious by her slighted boyfriend. I was surprised by the hit ratio of the comedians – almost all were of a great quality.

Underbelly, 5 – 28 Aug, 12.00am (3.00am), £9.00 – £15.00, fpp153.
tw rating 4/5