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Rory O’Hanlon: Is It Just Me That’s Mental? (Rory O’Hanlon)

By | Published on Wednesday 31 August 2011

Like many comedians, Rory O’Hanlon has set out to discover whether everyone else is as messed-up as he is – and the results are somewhat mixed. O’Hanlon is a charming and good-natured comic, and I found myself greatly warming to his character. Sadly, some of the jokes do need work; his delivery is slightly nervy and several punch-lines get lost in the uncertain telling. A good piece in which O’Hanlon reads us one of his abysmal school reports is somewhat marred by a lack of good comic-timing. Yet the potential is there – the material is promising, and a set of off-hand witty ripostes are excellently delivered to several latecomers. More practise should hopefully, in time, make perfect.

Just The Tonic at The Store (formerly GRV), 4 – 28 Aug (not 16, 22), 4.20pm (5.20pm), £6.50 – £7.50, fpp144.
tw rating 3/5