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Pete Bennett – Tourette’s And Stuff

By | Published on Tuesday 16 August 2011

Very much the product of a disorganised mind, this collection of stories, sketches and videos from ‘the UK’s most famous Tourette’s sufferer’ is something of a mixed bag. There are a handful of moments scattered throughout that genuinely entertain, mostly involving some charmingly obscene puppetry gags that could’ve been lifted straight from Avenue Q, and a closing song on a slightly out-of-tune guitar is quite fun, but it’s such a shame these moments are swept aside in a wave of disjointed stand-up, unsettlingly bizarre anecdotes and painfully unfunny YouTube-esque videos. Existing fans might get a kick out of him bouncing about the stage, but this will struggle to win over the uninitiated.

Cabaret Voltaire, 5 – 29 Aug, 7.30pm (8.30pm), £7.00 – £9.00, fpp133.
tw rating 2/5