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One Handed Show: A History Of Pornography (Nellie White / PBH’s Free Fringe)

By | Published on Wednesday 31 August 2011

This crude run through of the history of porn is at times weakly delivered, but it makes for an interesting and funny hour nonetheless. Eliciting both groaning and shocked faces from her audience, Nellie White offers a downbeat delivery that allows her to layer images that turn the stomach and lead to uncontrolled laughter. As she moves onto the history of porn, the show does lose some of its humour, but maintains its amusement factor with the subject matter; from Greek paedophilic tankards to feminist bukkake, we learn that as long as people have been around, there’s been the desire to see them getting off. And although at times White’s exhaustion was occasionally apparent, it didn’t hamper the show as a whole.

The Royal Mile Tavern, 5 – 28 Aug (not 8, 15, 22), 7.20pm (8.20pm), free, fpp129.
tw rating 3/5