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Office Girls Go Crazy Lazy Lunch – Free (Office Girls Go Crazy / Free Festival)

By | Published on Thursday 11 August 2011

“Poo”, “piss” and “knobs” were the favoured topics in this painful forty minute performance of smutty limericks and weak lyricism. Worse still, these terrible clichéd compositions were delivered in a self-conscious way that suggested even the performers were embarrassed about what they were inflicting on their very small audience. One of the limericks was in appreciation of a particularly clean porta-loo; I won’t get that time back. As this was their first performance at the Free Fringe, perhaps with time, practice and some more mature and intelligent material, the duo might appeal to the audience on a more adult level, subsequently getting a better reaction. For the time being, I strongly suggest they hold on to their day jobs.

Laughing Horse @ Jekyll & Hyde, 4 – 20 Aug, 12:00pm (12.40pm), free, fpp128.
tw rating 1/5