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Mugging Chickens

By | Published on Thursday 11 August 2011

“Pie Face! Ahahahahahaa”. Not funny boys. We all enjoy a spot of slapstick, but cream pies have had their day – with the exception of the Rupert Murdoch incident. Mugging Chickens focused on parodying 1990s culture and entertainment, but most of the time, their gags lacked the necessary consideration and intelligence to incite laughter. These youngsters with a passion for comedy are obviously capable of original writing, but they need to rethink the more obscure sketches. The songs are humorous but would be helped by proper guitar playing. It is the kind of immature humour that would actually work quite well as a children’s show (with smut and swearing removed, of course). Bless them, they tried, but it was not enough.

Laughing Horse @ The Three Sisters, 4 – 28 Aug, 1.30pm (2.30pm), free, fpp122.
tw rating 2/5