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Making Faces: Introspectacles (Dan Curtis, Lizzie Kevan and Ed Mayhew)

By | Published on Wednesday 31 August 2011

Upon seeing the hand-made props, including a duster with a ribbon attached, stuffed into a suitcase that the three performers lugged behind them, my expectations were admittedly low. However, ‘Making Faces: Introspectacles’ was quite enjoyable, mainly because the performers flaunted their low-budget creations, poking fun at their lack of creative skills, as opposed to hiding it. Combining skit-based comedy, song, and poetry, this act will certainly get you chuckling with its oddball humour and perfectly executed awkward silences. Though, while this show was funny enough, it seemed to lack a sense of organisation and theme, which may appeal to some while frustrating others. In the world of free comedy, this show is one of the safer bets.

Laughing Horse at The Newsroom, 8 – 28 Aug, 2.45pm (3.45pm), free, fpp112.
tw rating 3/5