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Mae Day: I’m Not Waving, I’m Drowning (Mae Martin)

By | Published on Wednesday 31 August 2011

Small and slightly shy, Mae Martin doesn’t dominate the stage with her presence. It’s a shame because, when she finally relaxes, she’s a funny act. Martin tends to dither her way to jokes, rather than setting them up and knocking them down. Her verbal tic, “Right, guys?” doesn’t help matters either, only serving to point out when jokes fall flat. When she breaks out the guitar, though, or tells stories of her first crush, the laughs come much more reliably. Martin admits to lacking confidence during her set, and sadly it shows as she interrupts her own jokes to apologise. Martin needs more trust in her own material, and less waffle, but there is potential here behind the shyness.

The Rat Pack, 5 – 29 Aug (not 16, 23), 6.40pm (7.40pm), free, fpp111.
tw rating 2/5