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Künt And The Gang – Free (Künt And The Gang / Laughing Horse Free Festival)

By | Published on Wednesday 31 August 2011

The name of this show is the first warning of the kind of language you can expect to encounter. The second warning is the first song about his favourite things in the world, which, in hindsight, is one of the least offensive. Those who left before the end weren’t running scared, for all the jibes are made at the expense of the performer, and most of the audience were very much in the spirit of the evening, responding with great applause after songs about serial killers, mourning the loss of an ex-girlfriend and killing his nan for the cash. Künt’s cheeky-chappy style, Nineties keyboard-mixed bedroom backing and orange jumpsuit make him endearing to the crowd. That said, the smutty language is certainly not for everyone. You have been warned.

Laughing Horse at The Hive, 5 – 28 Aug (not 7, 12), 9.15pm (10.15pm), free, fpp105.
tw rating 3/5