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Jimeoin – Lovely! (MZA and Geffer Notice Productions)

By | Published on Tuesday 30 August 2011

Immediately obvious is Jimeoin’s warm stage-presence; he could tell you the most despicable offensive joke and you wouldn’t hold it against him. So I can say that I hold nothing against him at the end of this evening. I can’t say that I particularly liked or disliked it, though. He’s competent enough, clearly experienced, and his jokes are well observed, but he isn’t anything new. The audience rippled with laughter throughout the show, but he was playing to five-hundred drunk people who’d all paid to laugh at his jokes. The jokes themselves are a standard affair, based on standard prejudices – women like handbags, blokes like fighting. His poster calls him a classic comedian, I call him conventional.

Assembly George Square, 3 – 29 Aug (not 16), 9.00pm (10.00pm), £11.00 – £14.50, fpp98.
tw rating 3/5