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Hot Tub With Kurt And Kristen (Assembly by arrangement with Avalon Promotions)

By | Published on Friday 26 August 2011

Kurt and Kristen are the perfect hosts for an evening of fun, frolics and fanny-farting fairies (don’t ask). Cominng over like a bizarre married couple, this comic duo deliver highly original, hilarious sketches and stand-up. Their interplay with each other and the audience is definitely the show’s strongest asset; the opening involves discovering which audience member has the hottest crotch – just a snippet of the wonderfully offbeat comedy in store. They are supported by the fabulous comic musician Adira Amram, as well as different Fringe comedy acts each night. Though a show exclusively dedicated to Kurt and Kristen would have sufficed, this show combines the best of the Fringe into just over an hour. Genius.

Assembly George Square, Aug 12 – 27, 7.35pm (8.50pm), £14.00 – £15.00, fpp88.
tw rating 4/5