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Henning Wehn / Otto Kuhnle: Das Very Best Of German Humour (Wehn / Kuhnle / IMWP)

By | Published on Wednesday 31 August 2011

This gloriously bizarre and rambling set needed streamlining and structuring, yet the madcap energy of the performers, and sheer variety of skits, carried the show. Otto Kuhnle was inspired, using props and live music to create comedy cabaret, with highlights including a rather obscene rendition of The Magic Flute, and a trick with a leaf-blower and loo roll which was beautiful in its absurdity. Henning Wehn, meanwhile, performed scraps of stand-up, falling back on predictable stereotypes and unimaginative delivery. Ultimately, this felt rather like being cornered at a party by one’s most idiosyncratic and painfully inappropriate uncle. In this cornucopia of comedy, there was something for everyone, though it was little more sophisticated than gnomes, Nazis and national stereotypes.

Assembly George Square, 16 Aug, 6.30pm (8.00pm), £10.50 – £12.50, fpp87.
tw rating: 3/5