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Hatty Ashdown: Nan-Child (Hatty Ashdown / Free Festival)

By | Published on Friday 26 August 2011

There’s a relaxed yet likeable style to Hatty Ashdown, who tells us about her dotty mother who, giving birth to her in her late-forties, doomed her to a life of being “the nan child”, the one the other schoolchildren teased for her mother’s age and, of course, for wearing mittens on a string. She creates an atmosphere so sympathetic that even when there are slight technical difficulties with a running slideshow used as part of the comedy, the audience whoop and cheer her on as she attempts to figure out what exactly has happened. Anecdotal humour that never feels stilted or scripted marks out Ashdown as one to watch on the comedy circuits in the coming years.

Finnegan’s Wake, 5 – 27 (not 7, 14,21), 3.50pm (4.30pm), free, fpp88.
tw rating 4/5