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Free Agent – A Free Show By James Hazelden (James Hazelden / PBH’s Free Fringe)

By | Published on Wednesday 31 August 2011

If you’ve ever wondered how a giant squid would pursue a relationship with a girl in the landlocked Czech Republic, James Hazelden might be on your wavelength. Self-deprecating and thoroughly surreal, he writes offbeat comic tunes broken up with ironic commentary and occasional flashes of satisfyingly sick humour. Despite a love song for lepers and an ode to religiously themed masturbation, there’s nothing too offensive about this act; there’s more the feel of silly schoolboy gross-out humour than a confrontational effort to shock. This straightforward approach suits Hazelden’s laid-back style, meshing well with his simple acoustic strumming and enjoyable if unremarkable melodies. By playing to his strengths, he comes across as a warm and entertaining jester.

Base Nightclub, 18 – 27 Aug, 7.30 pm (8.40 pm), free, fpp78.
tw rating 3/5