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Eric Mutch: Schizophrene (Eric Mutch / Laughing Horse Free Festival)

By | Published on Wednesday 10 August 2011

It’s not easy to say what Eric Mutch’s ‘Schizophrene’ actually is; an experimental mix of comedy and theatre may be the best description. Unfortunately it’s not any good. To watch the show is genuinely embarrassing for all concerned; losing his train of thought constantly, Mutch tries his best to keep things rolling by moving on to different material which then falls equally flat. The problem is that he has a certain endearing charm which is perhaps his only redeeming quality. By the time the end of his one hour show is approaching, you are genuinely urging him to get better and to pull something great out of his jester’s hat… yet it never comes. I hope Mutch gets better, but it seems unlikely.

Laughing Horse @ Espionage, 4 – 28 Aug, 12.00pm (1.00pm), free, fpp72.
tw rating 2/5