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Enjoy Yourself – It’s Later Than You Think (Lenny Peters)

By | Published on Sunday 14 August 2011

Lenny Peters really wants us to enjoy ourselves. Really. He tells us more than once – in words which he may have pulled straight from a self-help manual – that his show is all about getting us to make the most of our lives. However, this combination of stand-up and improv, punctuated inexplicably by quotations from famous writers, fails to fulfil its grandiose promise. Peters tells a series of confessional tales about relationships, child-raising and alcoholism, which are more pitiful than comic; he provokes the odd giggle, but too many of his jokes centre around crude regional and national stereotypes. The puns are predictable and the advice trite; there are undoubtedly better ways to enjoy yourself at this year’s Fringe.

Laughing Horse at Espionage, 4 – 28 Aug (not 8, 15, 22), 3.30pm (4.30pm), free, fpp 71.
tw rating 2/5