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Devlin And Pulsford Are Spitting Dummies (Richard Pulsford/Elaine Devlin/PBH’s Free Fringe)

By | Published on Tuesday 30 August 2011

This is a very split double-act. One half, Elaine Devlin, offers a refreshing look at what is usually a one-liner in a male comedian’s set: the facts of pregnancy are delivered in an open and hilarious manner. The same can’t be said for Richard Pulsford. Structuring his set around the conceit of an A–Z of parenting, his material is dull, unoriginal, and badly delivered: without varying his tone or energy, he proceeds through all twenty-six letters of the alphabet. If you tell your audience they have another twenty-five jokes to go, they will count them down, praying the joke is that you give up after ‘D’. Given the shortcomings of the latter half of this duo, this show just cannot be recommended.

Southsider, 6 – 13 Aug , 12.55pm (1.05pm), free, fpp66.
tw rating 2/5