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Devious Minds (Maudsley And Shoesmith)

By | Published on Wednesday 31 August 2011

Maudsley and Shoesmith are the closet things to amateur, low-budget Derren Browns and Paul Danielses. The former specialises in mind-reading stunts, which he confesses are all a con, whilst the latter deals in traditional magic tricks: playing cards, metal hoops, the lot. While the ‘magic-cum-comedy’ was somewhat lacking in proper belly laughs, the two were perfectly charming and interacted well with their audience. The tricks were nothing new, which was disappointing, and explaining how they were done dampened the ‘magic’ in the magic. Nevertheless, their enthusiasm for their art was evident and there were genuine ‘aaahs’ and ‘ooohs’ from the audience. It took a while, but by the end everyone was eating out of the palm of Maudsley’s hand.

Spotlites at The Merchants’ Hall, 14 – 22 Aug, 9.10pm (10.20pm), £9.00, fpp68.
tw rating 3/5