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Deborah Frances-White – How To Get Almost Anyone You Want To Sleep With You (Something For The Weekend)

By | Published on Saturday 27 August 2011

Beginning by collecting her audience to the front of the theatre, Frances-White ad libbed throughout building a confidently welcoming manner. She drew her audience in, learning our names, professions, and relationship statuses; a great technique, making the show personal and unique, it also made us comfortable with one another. Moving into the meat of the show, the first half illustrates the differences between the sexes when seeking sex through the medium of pie charts. It’s light and humorous but also affords her the opportunity to play off the audience members she’s got to know, and to get the entire audience to participate, lightening the mood. A mood she capitalises on when it comes to the role play segment; mortifying, yes, hilarious, definitely.

Assembly Hall, 18 – 27 Aug, 10.30pm (11.30pm), £14.50
tw rating 4/5