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Dana McCoy – Cube Rat

By | Published on Sunday 14 August 2011

Minnie Cooper is a wannabe musician, stuck working nine-to-five in an office job and dreaming of the stage. It’s undoubtedly a familiar story for many of this year’s Fringe performers, and given all the more pathos by Dana McCoy, whose heartfelt portrayal is well supported by the songs, which are well-constructed and very witty. However, though the monologues which make up a greater proportion of the show tell a good tale, they just aren’t that funny; so while as a piece of theatre it has potential, as a comedy show, it’s certainly lacking. That said, it’s still well worth a look, and will strike a chord for any real life “cube rats”, but expect to come away thinking, rather than laughing.

Rabbie Burns Cafe and Bar, 6 – 27 Aug (not 16), 6.30pm (7.30pm), free, fpp62.
tw rating 3/5