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Come Hell Or High Water This Sick World Will Know I Was Here (Gregory Akerman / Free Festival)

By | Published on Thursday 25 August 2011

Fame – why seek it? This is a question many performers must ask themselves during the madness of the Fringe, and it’s the question at the centre of Gregory Akerman’s show. Part lecture, and part autobiographical recall, Akerman takes us through the history of fame and his own personal encounter with it. His content is humorous and recalls a touch of Ricky Gervais in its dry, deadpan and occasionally cringe-worthy tone. However, much is lost in the delivery. Akerman paces constantly, mumbles and continuously reaches for his water bottle, and his set ends half an hour early. If this were not the free festival, you would definitely feel cheated. Oh wait, I still did. Although promising, Akerman is not quite there.

Laughing Horse at Jekyll & Hyde, 13 – 28 Aug, 12.35 pm (1.35pm), free, fpp60.
tw rating 2/5