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Bristol Revunions – National Friends (Bristol Revunions)

By | Published on Thursday 25 August 2011

This limp and uninspiring sketch show by five undergraduates from the University of Bristol contained fewer than Severn amusing jokes. Unfortunately, despite generally respectable performances and some convincing impressions, the group were hindered by eccentric material that was disappointing at best. As well as downgrading their venue from the Pleasance Courtyard to The Store this year, they appeared to have forgotten how to compose memorable punch lines; if I hadn’t listed the scenarios in turn, I would have struggled to remember them after I’d left. It appeared as though they’d exhausted their creative energies on the gently cerebral country-naming skit, which was the single saving grace in this otherwise rambling and unfocussed travesty. Consider outsourcing the writing next time, Bristol.

Just The Tonic at The Store, 4 – 28 Aug (not 16), 3.40pm (4.40pm), £6.50 – £8.50, fpp52.
tw rating 2/5