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As Drawn On FaceTube – Free (Whyteleafe Comedy Club)

By | Published on Wednesday 31 August 2011

‘FaceTube’, a bemusing combination of stand-up and caricature drawing, was scary to sit through. The caricaturist, with her demonic smile and creepy pseudo-seductive dancing, left me cowering in my seat, praying not to be chosen. The comedians were equally awful; the first was obsessed with racial stereotypes, whilst the second shamelessly asked females if they wax their bikini-lines and suggested to an 11-year-old boy that he make a career donating sperm. The final comedian, pathetic and drunk, proclaimed that he hated the Edinburgh Fringe and had 20 minutes of good material he couldn’t be bothered using. The only logic I can deduce is that ‘FaceTube’ is a cult; I got out only partially scarred, others might not be so lucky.

Laughing Horse at The Counting House, 21 – 24 Aug, 12.05am (1.05am), 24 – 25 Aug, 12.05pm (1.05pm), free, fpp40.
tw rating 1/5