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Abacus Danger Present ____ ‘The Search For Blank’ (Abacus Danger)

By | Published on Wednesday 31 August 2011

The audience can affect a show, especially when it is improvised comedy. The plot of this spontaneous creation is testimony to the challenge the cast were presented with – a search for 20-ply toilet paper in Zanzibar travelling on a flying leek. The Welsh hero, Hercules Stringfellow, was eventually successful, but not before befriending James Dean and fighting a venomous Mexican shrimp. Abacus Danger rallied through their final Fringe performance with possibly more enthusiastic contributions than they might have anticipated; the audience seemed determined to create one of the more bizarre stories in this last hurrah. Narrative aside, the challenge was met: successfully culminating their search for blank, Abacus Danger are now safe from any more wacky suggestions.

theSpaces at Surgeons Hall, 22 – 27 Aug, 9.35pm, £5.50 – £6.50, fpp32.
tw rating 3/5