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Aaaaaaaaaaaaarghh! It’s The Malcolm Hardee Comedy Punch-Up Debates – And They’re Free! (John Fleming And The Laughing Horse Free Festival Present)

By | Published on Wednesday 31 August 2011

The booming microphones don’t help the Malcolm Hardee debate, but its biggest flaw is that it isn’t a “Punch-Up Debate”. There are laughs to be had, and the topic discussed – discrimination in comedy – is interesting and important, but the three panellists are all in agreement with each other. As a consequence, their arguments are never challenged, meaning we never learn what distinguishes an acceptable joke about race from an unacceptable racist joke. There are moments when we get close, but what this show needed was a devil’s advocate, willing to risk approbation to get to the meat of the matter; a more forensic host, or any preparation. As it was, it was all a bit anaemic and safe.

Laughing Horse at The Hive, 22 – 23 Aug, 6.15pm (7.00pm), free, fpp32.
tw rating 2/5