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A Mixed Bag (Laughing Horse Free Festival)

By | Published on Friday 12 August 2011

It can be depressing when comedians lower your expectations before you even enter the room. Arrogance can be wearying. Shame, then, that Paul Langton, our first comic, is the standard cookie-cutter aggressive ‘DON’T YOU HATE THE ROYAL WEDDING?’ comedian. He’s like a macho Stewart Lee, with Lee’s lack of punchlines and attempted emotional appeals to the audience, but then he smothers his own sensitivity with gruff masculine nonsense. The second comic, Alex Love, is a constant apologist for himself, his appearance, his jokes, his career, his venue, his everything. The biggest laugh in the entire show is when a member of the audience says the phrase ‘bog salmon’. A mixed bag? In terms of quality, no.

Laughing Horse at The Three Sisters, 4 – 28 Aug, 6.15pm (7.15pm), free, fpp120.
tw rating 1/5