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Manos The Greek – The Tale Of An Immigrant – Free

By | Published on Thursday 11 August 2011

Immigrants. The ubiquitous topic, the tabloid favourite – but how does it feel to be an immigrant in Britain? Manos the Greek attempts to educate us in the back room of the Meadow Bar equipped with just a notepad and a Corona. Manos wanders figuratively from Greece, London, Reading and Dagenham telling personal anecdotes of his travels, at times touching, other times amusing. There is nothing too offensive or explicit (including only a passive raspberry at the Daily Mail), but just skimming the issues leaves the show without depth. That said, gentle, subtle humour and a splash of poetry is just the kind of thing you’d ask for from mid-afternoon comedy. Greek father Socrates would be proud.

Laughing Horse @ Meadow Bar, 5 – 28 Aug, 4.00pm (5.00pm), free, fpp112.
tw rating 3/5